IWOC Support + Advice – Four Key Holes

The IWW’s Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee is coming along powerfully and is getting closer and closer to a movement moment where we explode onto the national scene through the work of our powerful inside organizers and outside supporters.

Yet we have some significant holes in IWOC’s infrastructure and hope some of you have suggestions for people–inside or outside of the IWW–who could help fill some of the most important ones, or ideas for how to best focus our efforts in those areas.

1. Delegate Mentors: people with significant IWW-style on the job organizing experience who want to help mentor delegates in prisons. This would likely be remotely via phone and letters. We could also use people to help mentor in new outside groups. This is the key barrier to us having a collective national temperature and building branches and an Industrial Union.

2. Local Fundraising Point People or National Fundraising Ninjas: People willing to bottom-line a local event and sustainer drive and to beat all the other branches : ). Or people who rock at fundraising and want to help build the buzz for our sustainers contest and ideally step into being our national fundraiser(s) (which we are in conversation about giving a commission, slow transition into stipend-ing, etc). This is the key barrier to catching up our outside to our inside infrastructure. A specific ask: become an IWOC Sustainer give any amount automatically each month at–iwoc.noblogs.org/donate.

3. Media Warriors: to help grow/focus our message and approach, ideally people with graphic design/video savvy. A hot media packet and video or two would do wonders right now. This is our key barrier to hitting the mainstream by storm.

4. Seeds for Local Groups: Finally, if any of you know ANYONE ANYWHERE willing to Grow an IWOC Group we are close to having the infrastructure to meaningfully support them, and this is what will solve all our problems in the medium term.

Contact us at iwoc (at) riseup (dot) net