Letter from a Loved One: Tornado Near a Prison, Moberly, MO

Large tornado over a meteo stationI have a loved one at Moberly Unit, in Moberly, Missouri. Where a tornado touched down a few nights ago.

The answer of the facility to safety for the inmates was to leave them in their 8-10 ft cells, where the only air flow they have is windows. Yeah!

It gets better…one inmate got electrical shock from his tv because the water from the tornado blowing in was flooding their cells, muck all over wind shaking the walls. Even the outside fence got ripped up yet there they were wondering if they were going to live or die. I cannot convey in words what I heard from my loved one about this horrible inhuman scene.

At least where I come from in Texas, we had a drill plan, where people in prison get moved to inside sturdy buildings. What are these other states thinking when they don’t care about safety like this? Even caged animals in a zoo get treated better than this!!!!


Pissed off former CO from Texas.