Missouri’s New-M-Pac Formally Offers Support to IWW

James Shelby, New-M-Pac founder, IWW delegate, and Missouri prisoner wrote regarding a medical torture call in campaign we did on his behalf . . . “I believe that I was transferred due to pressure from IWW members. At one point the warden and her assistant called me to the visiting area to meet about all the calls they were receiving due to my medical issues. At the time I was weak as hell and only focused on getting stronger. But! You and other IWW members did me proud until I got better. I do not take your (IWW) support lightly . . . I’m back to being strong as a bull – but I still have issues with not being able to hear in my left ear and light headedness / balance / dizziness . . .” James and some other New-M-Pac members also followed up by sending in forms requesting that we list New-M-Pac as an organizational supporter of IWW/IWOC.

New-M-Pac was a great early source of inspiration for IWOC members in Kansas City and played a very significant role in the huge surge in IWW prisoner memberships early on. James joined in January of 2014. IWOC and free prisoner membership had not been established yet so Kansas City IWW members had paid a year worth of dues for him and a few other Missouri prisoners as part of a localized effort to become a prisoners union. By August of 2014 though, IWOC was fully up and running, the IWW had started offering free memberships to all prisoners, and James Shelby referred hundreds of prisoners to us for membership.

We currently have a collection of New-M-Pac educational materials and will begin posting them on this page. Please feel free to print and distribute copies and be sure to keep an eye on our call in page for more requests for support for New-M-Pac members, IWW members, and all prisoners in our networks!

If you would like to contact him, please email us for James Shelby’s updated mailing address.

New-M-Pac Library:

Ceasefire (readable)
Ceasefire (printable booklet)

Anti-Solitary Torture

Ceasefire Strategic Plan

Propensity of America to Constitutionally Preserve the Right to Retain Slaves