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Holman Has Erupted Again

Holman Has Erupted Again…holman in lockdown

August 1, 2016 @3:30pm

Several prisoners and at least 1 CO were injured in an altercation which lead to this recent barricade of prisoners at Holman prison.

Cert Team en route. Prisoners are barricaded in C Dorm which houses 114 prisoners.

Call and write the Alabama Department of Corrections:


Holman: (251) 368-8173

*Picture(s) are from previous uprising not the present one
Holman uprising

Letter from a Loved One: Tornado Near a Prison, Moberly, MO

Large tornado over a meteo stationI have a loved one at Moberly Unit, in Moberly, Missouri. Where a tornado touched down a few nights ago.

The answer of the facility to safety for the inmates was to leave them in their 8-10 ft cells, where the only air flow they have is windows. Yeah!

It gets better…one inmate got electrical shock from his tv because the water from the tornado blowing in was flooding their cells, muck all over wind shaking the walls. Even the outside fence got ripped up yet there they were wondering if they were going to live or die. I cannot convey in words what I heard from my loved one about this horrible inhuman scene.

At least where I come from in Texas, we had a drill plan, where people in prison get moved to inside sturdy buildings. What are these other states thinking when they don’t care about safety like this? Even caged animals in a zoo get treated better than this!!!!


Pissed off former CO from Texas.

Revolution will not be televised: Fifty Years after the Black Panthers, Now What?

Attica 2By A Living Survivor of Chronic System Incarceration

There has never been a free people, a free country, or a real democracy on the face of this earth. Yet, the vast majority of Americans believe in its ideals. In the hopes of conveying a belief, the Oval Office is occupied by a vanilla wafer, not of slave blood, but a freeman of color who does the bidding of his handlers. This is America’s exemplification of democracy; however, the United States enslaves a quarter of the world’s prisoners, and places those who are outside the walls into indentured servitude. Insanity is when a shout of “Let’s Make America Great Again” is followed by bodies being strapped to student loan debts, medical bills, and IRS garnishments in exchanged for life sentences in concrete prison cells.

Fifty years after the Black Panther Party, an armed revolutionary party that fought for black self-determination, was infiltrated, compromised, and decimated, pathetic African American leaders faced with blatant racist policies, though despite praise of achievement toward equality, and feigned ignorance of the fact brother Panthers were jailed and imprisoned on trumped-up charges, and should receive pardons, march nonviolently against the disproportional political and economic system in practice within the United States. As oxymoronic as placing in context a black Trotskyite, and going to war, it would be clear even to them if after seventy-five years of marching, and equality had not been achieved, an armed struggle would be the solution. It’s these African American Negroes which, while our Brother Panthers were sold out and fed to corporate America’s rapacious economic growth, sold positions in the United States- as house servants in Candyland.

Does the average African American think he or she is beyond America’s despotic disproportionate distribution of equality? How long has it been since slaves needed a pass to leave plantations, blacks were segregated and Jim Crowed or Negroes were red-lined into urban deserts? It happened to me yesterday, as I walked from my cell to a privatized state phone, watched by a million cameras, as contents of my recorded phone calls can be used against me in a court of their laws to stage a conspiracy. The parallels from my experience of armed guards posted at checkpoints, licensed by the state, ready to kill non-whites based on a subjective threat, are drawn between Afghans and Palestinians detained and being bombed by drones. It was necessary for the United States’ agencies of counter-revolution to kill the Black Panther Movement, so the linchpin for mass incarceration, zero tolerance anti-crime fascist policing, and the proliferation of the killing of unarmed black men could be set and prevent any uprising for freedom and liberty.

In efforts to protect the ruling class’s imperialist system of economics, the political system of the United States, with every uprising they used criminal justice policies as a way to sever the head from the body and have gone as far as removal of genitals as a message to those would be leaders. Case in point: Nat Turner’s uprising that forced the National Guard to rescue slavee owners; the Panther’s armed usurpation of the California’s Capitol while legislators were in session; D-Yard Nation uprising after the death of Comrade George Jackson that took over the yard; the riots in 60’s that threaten to burn down the United States’ cities. These events sparked the political consciousness of convicts, although every battle ended in death of its leaders.

Black_Panther_Party_by_PartridgeHowever, the consequence of an armed struggle for the self-assertion of freedom that results in defeat is an elevated fear level, based on the ruling class’ socially constructed link to criminal violence. This allows for an increase in the funding for policing and increase restriction through control. This is why politicians’ create a climate of fear and was the explanation to why Johnson’s redistribution of wealth failed, yet produced a dangerous black militant class that rioted in return of whites’ generosity. It can be argued that the public was deceived into believing that the Fugitive Slave Law, Mann Act, Harrison Act, Hale Bogg’s Mandatory Minimum, Wickersham Commission, Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act, Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970, Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, Anti-Drug Abuse Act (1986 Act that produced the dubious “100 to 1” ratio that copies the Pig and Chicken laws that disproportionately gave black males longer sentences than whites), Clinton’s Community Oriented Policing Service (COPS), 1994 and 1996 Omnibus Crime Bills, Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA) would allow them to sleep comfortably at night. I cannot argue whether or not Americans comfortably sleep after trillions on trillions of dollars are spent on control and surveillance of boogie men, but rather it is systemic repression delivered in an opioid delusion on a beautyrest, which is scarier. However, I know it is beyond the realm of reality to believe that the containment of black and brown bodies will free white Americans; moreover, I can argue that the United States understood that the Panthers and all the organizations that presumably followed would have challenged freedom. This crisis was the reason for state and federal funding of military style policing that produced the carceral state, mass incarceration and has allowed the murder of unarmed black males to be justifiable deaths.

In order to preserve the United States’ oppressive defunct political and economic system, African American Negroes have accepted a commercialized version of Ourstory. The governing narrative of past, present and future events controlled by us is Ourstory. Ourstory: heroic struggles that allows us to make sense of the world, woven into ethnic richness, which allows self-determination and pride to radiate from a culture of being perverted by a commercialized presiding fiction, which has allowed us to behold ourselves and our place in the world as satirical entertainment for others.

For example, African American Negroes thought that Beyoncé’s commercialization of the Black Panther’s brand was representation of equality. Elaine Brown, former member of the Black Panther Party, pointed out that “Beyoncé’s performance celebrated women of the Panther Party.” Elaine Brown’s statement is true, yet it’s a whitewash of the facts and a fictional tale of Ourstory that does not allow Panthers to be honored like revolutionaries are in Cuba, but appear as women in costumed during America’s reenactment of its past battles and genocides.

When I read her comments, I could only think back to Edward P. Jones great novel, The Known World, a story about Henry Townsend, a black plantation owner in south that grows up as a slave purchased out of slavery by his father. The story dealt with the complication of the institution of slavery and the role freed blacks played in the participation and preservation of slave culture. The methods African American Negroes have and continue to use to advance in status made vivid by the part in the novel where Henry as child stood outside Master Robbins’ mansion and waited to groom his master’s horse. The African American Negro insistence to be allowed into white America is Henry “shivering in the rage he tied around his feet…Robbins told his slave shoemaker ‘make the boy something good for his feet. He [Robbins] told the servants who ran his mansion that Henry was to eat in the kitchen with them and forever be clothed right.” Today Henry still waits outside his master’s mansion in the finest vines in belief that they’ll be clothed, and fed by the system. This is the reason why they watched calmly as Black/Latino criminals, undocumented immigrants, welfare queens, crack heads, and super-predators were created and imprisoned, with racialized rhetoric, laws and policies and marched for equality in preservation of this oppressive defunct system. Time has made African American Negroes’ suppositions correct, though Ourstory is now white washed and cleansed and does not reflect race laden criminal policies that were used to provide a place in Candyland for African American Negroes and cells for those who fought against the class-biased system of oppression.

Fifty years after, the Black Panther Party was infiltrated, compromised, and decimated, I wondered, Celebrate? What? Why? Do I reminisce on those rats that now tell their story with pride? Should I celebrate all the dirty cops that planted evidence, beat and lied on the stand who are now firmly in place inside the super structure that uses broken glass laws to harass black lives? It’s African American Negroes who can look forward, with greasy chicken lip grins, without looking back to pull up our brothers. Brothers, who were sold out and now rot in filthy sterile hermetically sealed cages, as I sit too, political conscious, with neo-prison Bob Marley dreads parted; stoned faced like my facial expression was chiseled in granite by Emory Douglas, and all that’s needed to complete the picture is a gun, and a fist, raised with bruised white knuckles and clenched in solitary.

Though desperately missing reality being that I cannot celebrate the abstract liberty of living in prison like educated, color-blind African American Negroes, with programmed neo-leftist wives, in split level homes, student loans, Obama Care, and IRS garnishments, experiencing all the abstract liberties, but devoid of basic human satisfactions. They do not despise the system that caused mass incarceration in fact deplores it but helped fund it, and watched as it seized upon powerless black men and hacked them to death, removing their genitals, their bloodies body chained, yet beyond the sight of ocular sameness; however within accepted deprivation of freedom and equality. The African American Negro experience post-Panther revolution enjoyed, and necessary to earn a position in overpopulated civilized society. Let them celebrate; I can’t, the bell just rung, and I got lock in. What!

Letter on the March 11th Lockdown, Stillwater Prison, MN

Salutations to my fellow soldiers of our rights,

I would like to share some vital information that may be pertinent PICfamilyto anyone who is interested in fighting for the working/lower class of America. This is a clear example of unity. It is proof that if we all come together we can be a force to be reckoned with.

As I sit on lockdown in Stillwater after the events that took place on March 11th, 2016 in the chow-hall, I feel a real feeling of contentment. A-west stood up for the rights of our community, the small rights we have left that is. They have taken so much from us in the past, things that I have never had the privilege to experience, but loved ones who have been incarcerated for years have explained. At a time there used to be so many things that have been snatched away from our community, such as quality food, the 4th of July picnic, freedom to watch adult rated movies and magazines, and a curfew set by 9:25pm. I would like to touch on each of these topics.

There was a time that we use to have a small refrigerator in our cell, we had the option to order fresh meat from an outside vendor, yes real cuts of meat, and then we could go out to the yard and grill the meat with our friends giving the population a small sense of normality. The fact of the matter is we were able to put essential nutrients in our bodies because the food here is horrible quality. I have worked inside of the kitchen and some of the product clearly states “not for human consumption.” So are we not human? The diet is based on a low protein and high carbs; it also lacks vitamins and minerals that the body needs. We get aspartame full “GoodSource” drink mix to substitute for the lack of vitamins in our diet.

I know what some of you are thinking…These thoughts that some of you may be having are the sole purpose of this message. So, if you have any thoughts that slightly resemble these, “you are a criminal” to “if you don’t do the time, don’t do the crime,” I am inclined to say shame on you. I will be explaining the real pain of incarceration soon enough.

Okay, so now I want to touch on this, there once was a time that administration allowed a Fourth of July picnic to occur on the yard. A time that a man could enjoy the company of his family on our nation’s Independence Day. This man could watch the fireworks with his loves ones off in the distance; he could eat a small meal with them and enjoy the moment for a couple of hours. I was told it gave the men an incentive to stay out of trouble because only those who met the criteria could attend the festivities.

I have a personal story I would like to share before I move on. My son is seven years old and he was getting ready to come visit me. Well he was with my mother, eating his breakfast before he came. Well my mother caught him trying to sneak his pop tarts into his pockets, so she asks “What are you doing?” and my son replied, “I am sneaking my Daddy some food in because I just want to eat with my Dad.” At seven he had the urge to just sit down and share a small snack with his father. I want to explain to you all, that hurt me very badly. The reason I shared that is to say this, once a year you use to be able to eat with your child. And if you did not have any children, you could share the moment with your woman, or family members. If it was a lucky lady, think of the confidence that some men would have. That feeling alone is immense. Yes, a man could enjoy that moment with a woman. Think of what that would do for a young man’s mental state that just got sentenced to life. Remember when I stated the true pain of being locked up? Well the pain is being forced away from your loved ones, watching your children grow up through pictures and in the visiting room, not being able to physically touch your woman and losing loved ones while incarcerated. That’s the true pain of incarceration so why do they want to make our lives ever worse?

It is true that this prison is populated with all different types of people with all different types of crimes. The one thing we all have in common is this; we are in an adult facility. But for some strange reason, we are not allowed adult magazines or movies or programming, but we can get a life sentence. I know that this is an uncomfortable topic, but it is the truth. It is a fact that having an orgasm releases testosterone and regulates the natural hormone balance in a man’s body.

Now I would like to jump to the events that caused the lockdown that I am sitting on as I write this. On March 10th, 2016, they changed the seating arrangements in the chow hall that have been implemented for 50 years or so. They took out the four main tables and put in six main tables in a row like the movie Harry Potter leaving very little room to eat. To top it all off they would like to integrate all the groups, races, gangs. They are forcing a cultural melting pot. I want to state that this prison is not completely race segregated but it is prison, and there is some segregation amongst the population. But for the most part everyone gets along. Through evolution we have learned to co-exist with each other, so we know the limits and take each other in moderation. Now they are forcing people to deal with other people that may have major differences, and options to interact with other another. We as convicts can clearly see this is problematic. So how can they not see that?

So, on March 11th a beautiful thing happened. The whole unit of A-West stood up in the chow-hall and went to the old sections in an act of peaceful protest. We let the administration know that we will stand up for our rights. It was a standoff for about a half an hour. The tension was high and you could see the fear on the CO’s faces. Then we all left together and locked in. The message was clear. So they locked us in for 11 days, and when we came out, they adjusted the seating arrangements. Not completely back to normal but, they did make it a little more comfortable for us that are forced to live here.

-Stillwater prisoner, participant in March 11th sit-down

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IWOC Support + Advice – Four Key Holes

The IWW’s Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee is coming along powerfully and is getting closer and closer to a movement moment where we explode onto the national scene through the work of our powerful inside organizers and outside supporters.

Yet we have some significant holes in IWOC’s infrastructure and hope some of you have suggestions for people–inside or outside of the IWW–who could help fill some of the most important ones, or ideas for how to best focus our efforts in those areas.

1. Delegate Mentors: people with significant IWW-style on the job organizing experience who want to help mentor delegates in prisons. This would likely be remotely via phone and letters. We could also use people to help mentor in new outside groups. This is the key barrier to us having a collective national temperature and building branches and an Industrial Union.

2. Local Fundraising Point People or National Fundraising Ninjas: People willing to bottom-line a local event and sustainer drive and to beat all the other branches : ). Or people who rock at fundraising and want to help build the buzz for our sustainers contest and ideally step into being our national fundraiser(s) (which we are in conversation about giving a commission, slow transition into stipend-ing, etc). This is the key barrier to catching up our outside to our inside infrastructure. A specific ask: become an IWOC Sustainer give any amount automatically each month at–

3. Media Warriors: to help grow/focus our message and approach, ideally people with graphic design/video savvy. A hot media packet and video or two would do wonders right now. This is our key barrier to hitting the mainstream by storm.

4. Seeds for Local Groups: Finally, if any of you know ANYONE ANYWHERE willing to Grow an IWOC Group we are close to having the infrastructure to meaningfully support them, and this is what will solve all our problems in the medium term.

Contact us at iwoc (at) riseup (dot) net

IWOC Sustainer Contest! Win Cash and Prizes!!

Want to grow the IWOC revolution while having a chance to win serious bragging rights, free plane ticket, cash prizes, and more?

Whoever gets the MOST sustainers signed up as an individual, IWOC local, or branch will win big with the IWOC Sustainers Contest.

Sustainers are people who agree to make a monthly donation to IWOC. People can sign up to be sustainers in a minute on a phone or computer at It’s quick and easy. People can sign up one time to donate any amount per month. Check out the Fundraising Toolkit for more ideas.

Keep track of the people you get signed up to be sustainers and at the end of the contest, mail your list to iwoc [at]

IWOC Sustainer Contest Poster

Why Donate?

IWW prisoners led a 3 week prison strike in Texas this April. IWW members participated in the 10 day strike led by the Free Alabama Movement this May. IWW members on the inside are leaders in the Sept 9th Strike Call. Prison slavery’s days are numbered if we can create a mass movement on the outside to expand and support the leaders on the inside. Since our beginnings two years ago we have grown to a movement of prisoners, with 800 members in 36 states. Read how prisoners are organizing in their own words here.

Your donations will allow us to continue to expand our nationwide infrastructure to amplify prisoner voices inside and out, win demands and stop abuse, and work to abolish prison slavery and a society that needs prisons. IWOC is part of a mass movement going on in prisons – we need your help.

Core projected expenses include:

  • Postage and mailing costs ($15,000/year)
  • Traveling organizers/events to support mass strikes and grow prison chapters ($50,000/year)
  • Conference funds to connect and grow our movement nationally ($5,000/year)


Waupun Prisoners Refuse Food to Protest Solitary Confinement!!

Waupun Prisoners Refuse Food to Protest Solitary Confinement

Waupun, WI- Prisoners at Waupun Correctional Institute (WCI)  have vowed to protest conditions by refusing to eat, starting on June 10th. They insist that solitary confinement is torture and demand that Wisconsin cease the practice. “This aim is not to facilitate death, but to facilitate human dignity and humanitarian accountability,” said Cesar Deleon, one of the protesting prisoners.

According to Deleon, prisoners in solitary at WCI are never allowed to go outside or see the sun. The one hour per day of recreation they’re allowed out of their bathroom-sized cells is spent in an indoor recreation cage, which is often filthy with urine and feces because once a prisoner is moved to the cage, requests to be allowed access to a bathroom are ignored by staff. Prisoners in administrative confinement (AC) are not only extraordinarily isolated from general population, but also from loved ones and spiritual leaders. AC prisoners are allowed one 15 minute phone call and one 15 minute video visit per week, the calls and conferences are closely monitored and can be cut off with very little pretext. Spiritual leaders who regularly visit other prisoners are not allowed to visit the AC unit, which is a clear violation of the constitutional right to religious practice.

The Wisconsin Department of Correction (WDOC) holds over 100 people in administrative confinement, some have been in one form of isolation or another for decades. Last August, WDOC announced a 90 day limit on their use of segregation as punishment for all but the most severe cases. Those changes did not apply to AC prisoners though, because according to WDOC, Administrative Confinement is “non-punitive.”

The prisoners are calling for an end to the practice, entirely. Their six demands include a legislative cap on the use of AC, compliance with the UN Mandela Rules on solitary confinement, increased oversight, one year limits, mental health treatment and a federal investigation of harassment by staff, which the prisoners describe as a mind control program, designed to “break and recondition” anyone staff perceives as a threat.

There will be support rallies on June 10th in Madison and June 11th in Milwaukee as well as a letter writing and phone pressure campaign to support the demands of the prisoners. Detailed information, including writing and personal perspectives from the prisoners and their families is available online at

Info-sheet on Administrative Confinement:

Wisconsin’s use of long term solitary confinement is called Administrative Confinement or A.C. Some Prisoners have spent decades is isolation in our prisons. We have of heard of some reforms of a program called “segregation” where prisoners supposed to be punished for rule violations but AC is supposed to be non-punitive, but instead it is punishment in the extreme. Activists who have worked with AC in other states tell us Wisconsin AC has more restrictive rules than any they have seen.

Starting June 10 some of Waupun Correctional AC prisoners are starting a “food Refusal” campaign to bring this horrific program to the attention of the public, and to call for an end to Administrative Confinement in Wisconsin. There have been actions like this in other states that have resulted in greatly improved conditions.

There will be a rally/ Press conference in Madison in support on June 10th at 1 pm outside on the west wing of the Madison Capital building. For more information, contact: 262-443-7831, and

Another event will take place in Milwaukee on June 11th, at 12 PM (noon) at the Milwaukee County Courthouse. For more information contact: 414-350-9585,

There will be families of AC prisoners speaking as well as activists, and legislators.

Readers can go to to find out more, sign a petition and learn about other actions. We will keep you posted here on the progress of the ‘food refusal”.


What is AC?

Administrative Confinement(AC) is a special program that allows the confinement of prisoners indefinitely. It has very vague criteria and now confines mostly mentally ill, Black and Hispanic people whom the DOC deems as trouble makers. AC became widespread when the Supermax was built in 2000. Before that there were only about a dozen people constantly in isolation and the rules required immediate provable danger. Those rules were changed to ‘History of violence” and “thought to be dangerous” in order to fill the new Boscobel prison.

Now we have 102 prisoners on AC spread out into four maximum security prison. Some have been in some form of isolation for over 20 years. All shift from segregation to AC periodically but the conditions are the mostly the same. AC is supposed to be non-punitive, but the rules and deprivations are punitive to the extreme. For example, prisoners are not allowed art supplies and must write with a pen nib.

There is a general outcry against solitary confinement these days coming from our state, the nation and international community. The UN has ruled that solitary confinement for over 15 days is torture. Wisconsin has prisoners who have been in one form of isolation or another for over 20 years

Here are some conditions at WCI:

1) Most AC prisoners spend 24 hours of everyday in a bathroom sized cubical. There are many complaints about the incessant yelling and banging .

2) Although studies show that frequent contact with family and friends is the best way to reduce recidivism, Waupun allows only one phone call a week. Visits are by video and sometimes are cut off after 15 minutes and are also allowed only once a week. Spiritual leaders who regularly visit other prisoners, are not allowed to visit AC prisoners

2) WCI AC prisoners NEVER go outside, never see the sun. They can go to rec a few days a week but it is an indoor cage. Few inmates go to rec because the cage is filled with urine and feces-there are no bathrooms and no emergency call buttons in the rec cage. Showers are another not -so -nice way to leave the cell for AC prisoners as the water is not warmed up and is usually freezing.

3) Both Staff working in AC and all solitary units and prisoners are usually demoralized, making for an awful stew. One big reason is there are no programs, and a severe shortage of staff (professional and guards), and nothing to do. Self-harm becomes an important stress reliever for a lot of mentally ill prisoners, and for guards at WCI; sadism often comes to the fore. In 2014 the Center for Investigative Journalism’s Bill Lueders came out with a series of article on complaints of guard assaults at WCI. Here is link to one of the articles

Note: the same guards are still there doing the same things.

It important to note that even if WCI had the perfect set up for AC and none of the 3 points above were true, it would still be torture.

List of prisoners participating in the food-refusal campaign:

Waupun Correctional Institution:

Cesar DeLeon # 322800

Joshua Scolman #422508

LaRon Mckinley

Shirell Watkins #359661

Rayshun Woods 390831

Columbia Correctional Institution:

Ras Uhuru AtumRa Uhuru Mutawakkil (Norman Green) #228971

C Deleon dying to Live demands 5 14 16

IWW Endorses the Nationally Coordinated Prisoner Work Stoppage on September 9th, 2016


WHEREAS the Free Alabama Movement, Free Virginia Movement, and other revolutionary prison groups around the United States have jointly called for a Nationally Coordinated Prisoner Work Stoppage on September 9th, 2016, and

WHEREAS IWW members in prison and their allies are at the forefront of fighting the prison system from the inside,

MOVED that the GEB endorse the September 9th prisoner work stoppage with the following language:

The General Executive Board of the Industrial Workers of the World endorses the Nationally Coordinated Prisoner Work Stoppage on September 9th, 2016 organized by the Free Alabama Movement, Free Virginia Movement, and other revolutionary prisoner worker organizations and individuals. It is the duty of working class organizations like the IWW to support the struggle of prisoner workers. We call on other unions and revolutionary working class organizations to offer their support and solidarity to this important cause.

The GEB also encourages branches and IWWs to consider planning an action for September 9, to start a local organizing group, and to donate to the efforts at

Help Spread the Word About Major Developments in Prisoner Organizing in the US!!!


It has been an amazing day for raising awareness about prison conditions and prisoner led actions. Please check out all these developments, share widely, and get involved!!

Part 1 of Kinetik on Democracy Now! talking about prisoner resistance

Part 2 of Kinetik on Democracy Now!

NLG endorsement of the Sept 9th Call for National Prisoner Strikes

It’s Going Down in depth interview with IWOC

SPR Follow Up Article on the May Day Strikes in Alabama

Texas IWOC pamphlet about the past few years of prisoner struggle, the recent Texas prisoner work stoppage, and an explanation of IWOCs contributions

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IWW Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee

Dear Friends and Fellow Organizers

I’m writing to you to ask for your support for an organization close to my heart and doing work that is greatly needed–the IWW’s Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee. Over the last 18 months we have grown to nearly 700 members inside prison and are greatly in need of resources to support them.


Please donate or pledge to donate $300 by May 1st, 2016, or give what you can today at All donations up to $100 will be matched, $1/$1 up to $10,000. Checks can also be sent to: IWW (c/o IWOC): PO Box 180195, Chicago, IL 60618, USA.

Why Donate?


While we know many of us struggle each day, an often forgotten group is prisoners of the State. In the US, these workers are legally enslaved under the 13th Amendment, which prohibits slavery “except as punishment for a crime”. More than 3,000,000 souls are abused through destructive incarceration, with millions more on probation, parole, and legal discrimination after release. Exploited for pennies or dollars a day, there are few sections of the working class with more need for support and ways to change the system that attacks them.

Increasingly people in prison are putting their very lives on the line to end state torture and exploitation. From labor strikes in Georgia and Alabama, to hunger strikes in California, to mass actions across the country, prisoners and IWW members are demanding change. We started the IWW’s Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee in response to prisoners reaching out for support. Now, 21 months later, there are nearly 700 IWW members in prison. See newsletters online at


As a revolutionary union our role is clear: work in solidarity with those incarcerated to organize, improve conditions, and attack this oppressive system as a whole. We have members who participated in prison shut downs, strikes, and collective actions. Together we have combated torture, retaliation, and false medical diagnoses.


With your support and the brave leadership of those inside we can do so much more. Our goal is to raise enough to fund two full time organizers who have been inside to work with those currently incarcerated and their families on the inside to spark a movement that can’t be stopped.

In the spirit of New Years and new possibilities we ask you or your community to:

1. Pledge or donate $300 to be paid by May 1, 2016. We need 100 such donations to meet our budget.

2. Donate what you can. Every $1 you donate up to $100 will be matched by a friendly donor up to $10,000. Help us raise that 10,000!

3. Start a prison organizing letter writing group in your city or region. Join our Media, Newsletter, Legal, Outreach, or Research Committees. Or volunteer to make phone calls, transcribe letters, or do graphic design. Contact and we will send you an intro packet and connect you to a regional organizing call.

Online donations can be made at Checks, which save us the processing fee, can be sent to: IWW (c/o IWOC): PO Box 180195, Chicago, IL 60618, USA.

Attica 2

Texas Prison Strikes to Wind Down After Achieving Results: IWW Prisoners Union Continues to Grow

Texas Prison Strikes to Wind Down After Achieving Results: IWW Prisoners Union Continues to Grow

IWW General Headquarters, Chicago, IL. May 2, 2016

The Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee announces that the Texas prison strikes initiated by IWW members have achieved their desired short-term results and that the first phase of planned long-term strategic strike actions is drawing to an end. The strike actions began on April 4, 2016 and spread to at least a half-dozen locations.

IWW sources within the Texas prison system report that even with lockdowns and other forms of coercion against those who refuse to work as slaves, the strikes have resulted in Texas Department of Criminal Justice authorities now giving more prompt attention to prisoner’s previously ignored grievances. Organizers are now ready to pause and regroup while considering their next move in the struggle for humane treatment. Despite lockdowns and corporate media blackout, an IWW Union member was able to get a strike report outside, stating that “Since this strike action started the prison administration has been much more responsive, and we have had a much easier time getting our grievances addressed.” She shared that the administration just ignored grievance complaints before the strikes began, but now they are addressing them with unprecedented speed. This confirms the power of Union direct action in the form of organization, strikes, and work slow-downs.

The IWW is actively organizing prisoners into the newly formed Incarcerated Workers Industrial Union #613, now the largest prisoner’s union in labor history. Membership is currently free of charge, being underwritten by donations from Union members and other supporters seeking an end to the legal slavery and inhuman conditions of imprisonment. IWW prison organizing is now actively taking place in Germany, the United Kingdom, and across the United States of America. Encouraged by the Texas IWW action, prisoners in Alabama have announced that they will begin a similar strike starting on May 1, 2016. The Alabama action is being organized by the Free Alabama Movement, which includes IWW members in their ranks. The IWOC predicts that as the Union organization grows strikes will become more frequent and more widespread until fundamental change is affected. Visit, click on IWOC, for more in-depth information.